Us Review

Article Written by: Griffin Spencer

Staring: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss

Directed by: Jordan Peele (Get Out)

Screenplay by: Jordan Peele


Quick Summary, Us is about a family that is on vacation at their cabin in the woods. The dad ends up dragging the family to the beach to spend some time there. While they are there the son see’s some weird shit prompting the mother to go home. As they are all getting ready for bed the son notices a family standing at the end of their driveway. So the dad goes out to confront the family, but what happens next is not what you would expect.

A normal, happy family.

After seeing Us this past weekend, I would have to say I enjoyed it quite a lot. The performances from everyone was spectacular, including the direction and writing of Jordan Peele. Mr. Peele does a fantastic job of making you look all over the screen looking for every little detail. His writing for the film also sticks with you far after you leave the theater. You start to think about one line a character said and how it affects the story.

I went into this movie thinking it would be scarier than it actually was. It does have a couple jump scares that work well, but nothing really that makes you shit your pants. I will say though that Jordan Peele does a real good job with suspense, and I found myself sitting there holding my breath waiting for what was about to happen. So, I guess you could say that that has a little horror to it. But overall I felt the movie was more of a suspense/thriller movie instead of a horror like the trailers lead you to believe.

Overall I though Us was a great movie and was a good second showing for writer/director Jordan Peele. I would recommend seeing this in theaters if it is still there, but with it now being in theaters for almost 2 months you might have to wait for it on digital/blu-ray. With that said, I do think this movie is worth putting in your blu-ray collection or what ever collection of movies you have. Us is full of moments that give it a reason to watch it multiple times.

I hope you enjoyed this review and please let me know what you though of Us. Was it a good follow up to Get Out or were you hoping for a little bit more? That is all for The Blam Bros right now, so tune back in for more reviews and discusions.


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