The Blam Bros

Welcome and thanks for visiting the website! This is the home of The Blam Bros Podcast and spoiler-free written reviews. Three brothers that decided we should let the world know about the movies we have seen and give them a rating, Blams. The podcasts won’t just be a watch it or don’t type reviews. We will talk about what we do and dont like and if they are good enough to re-watch(re-watch ability). We rate out of 100 because 10 and 5 are outdated, and thumbs up? We wont even get into thumbs up. Our spoiler-free written reviews are done on mostly movies that have came out recently and if you should spend your money on seeing it in theaters, because we know money ain’t easy to get. So check us out on iTunes and Castbox  as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or, if you want you can hang out here and have a nice safe time. As always enjoy, stay tuned for more blammin’ contents, and let us know what you think!

The Denim Bros

Stay Blammin’ folks

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